Monday, 28 April 2014

O Canada

I've been in the beautiful country of Canada this past week and a half and although the time has now come for me to return to Munich  I thought a blog post would make my trip last a bit longer, through the photos of course.

 I visited downtown Toronto on the first weekend we were here. It's been 14 years since I last visited Toronto so it was really great to see the city again, this time from a different perspective. 

My sister, Vinita and I tried the surprisingly delicious combination of fried chicken and waffles with Niagara cherry jam, maple syrup and cream at The Drake Hotel. Their brunch menu was so good, and I loved their cute and quirky restaurant style. I definitely recommend it! :)

The Canadian $5 note is a little bit cool. Depicting an astronaut alongside the Canadaarm 2 — the Bank of Canada began circulating this new note last year — symbolising Canada's contribution to space exploration. I'd heard a lot about the new design so was excited to finally see it (and try not to use it)!


Niagara Falls was a magnificent sight to see. The three waterfalls dotted along the border between the United States and Canada were an incredible shade of turquoise in the Springtime sun — a rainbow even sat on the water which made for a great photo!

I stayed in Niagara-on-the-Lake which is about an hour and a half away from Toronto by car. Famed for its wine and ice wine production, the area is scattered with wineries  as well as the Georgian McFarland HouseFloral Clock and the famous Rainbow Bridge — connecting the United States and Canada.

It's always fun revisiting places you first saw as a child and can now experience as an adult.

I'll be working in Montreal from June this year so I'm looking forward to spending more time in Canada, it really is a lovely country :)


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