Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Credit: David Gaston Sulitzer

My time as an International Space University (ISU) student has now drawn to a close! Last week, around 50 students from the MSc13 class returned from their internships across the globe to quaint old Strasbourg town. Located on the border to Germany, the French city has been my home for the year (see my blog post here). I've made lifelong friends, memories and learnt more about who and what I want to be in the years to come. 

I began as an ISU Space Studies Program (SSP) student back in the summer of 2012. You might remember it from my 'This one time at space camp' blog post found here. The program is held in a different place every year and I was fortunate to attend the 25th (and best!) one of all in Florida. Witnessing 2 rocket launches and Space Shuttles Endeavor and Atlantis made it an incredible taster of what ISU has to offer. And I was not dissapointed with the Masters program. From trips to Russia, Toulouse, Switzerland, Germany and finally my internship in San Francisco at NASA Ames Research Center this summer, I've had the time of my life. After presenting my project 'The New Media Innovation Team at NASA Ames Research Center' to faculty, I graduated the following week with a Masters in Space Studies! I  am now one of the 3500 ISU alumni scattered across the planet.

I hope you've enjoyed following my ISU journey as much as I have loved writing and sharing it with you. I will no doubt continue with space and science posts and definitely, more space adventures to come! 


p.s If you have an interest in space and would like to learn about how you can make a difference to help humanity become a spacefaring species, then I'd recommend ISU for you, regardless of your academic background. Find out more on the programs ISU has to offer here and I promise, you'll join a space family like no other. 
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