Thursday, 31 October 2013

Houston, We Have A Space Pumpkin.

Happy Halloween folks!

Whether you're transforming into your favourite character,monster or celebrity tonight or staying in with candy corn and scary movies, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

 I must add that here in the UK, we aren't quite as festive with the October holiday compared to our friends across the pond, but we're getting there! I found these space-themed jack-o'-lanterns that would be great if you want to add a bit of cosmic creativity into your pumpkin carving this season. 

Space Shuttle STS-14 (Credit: Liz Warren)
Credit: Flickr
7 Minutes of Pumpkin Terror  (Credit: Universe Today)

Space-X's Dragon (Credit: Universe Today)

p.s I couldn't do a Halloween post without sharing these Halloween-inspired nails my talented friend painted for me! 


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