Friday, 5 April 2013

Darkened Cities

Have you ever wondered what the night sky would look like if the city lights didn't shine so bright? Digital photography wizard Thierry Cohen has composed images of just that. 

The French photographer meticulously captured the night sky as it should look over major cities  including San Francisco, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and New York as shown in the above images. Cohen achieved such stunning photography by situating himself in remote locations on the same latitude of the cities. This way, as the world rotates about its axis he is able to capture skies before they become invisible above the cities. The edges of our galaxy, the Milky Way are clearly visible as well as tens of thousands of stars that those of us living in urban environments just cannot see, even though they are omnipresent.

I feel that the photos highlight our journey as human beings on board this spaceship that we call Earth, travelling through space & time, we are merely observers of the incredibly beauty of the universe. The cities built below are stood in awe of the vast expanse of the energy above it and inspires me to think that we should begin to acknowledge our origins, the stars more clearly as we evolve as a species. Light pollution, I feel is a major hindrance to inspiring people to acknowledge and feel an emotional connection with the cosmos.

Cohen told the New York Times that he wants to show the detached urbanite the stars to "help them dream again."

"Darkened Skies" is on display at the Danziger Gallery in NY throughout May 2013. 


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