Friday, 7 September 2012

Space Jam

It has been two days since Sunita Williams achieved the word record of the most Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA) hours in female history. She spent 10 hours outside the station on 05/09/12 ingeniously using a toothbrush in order to solve the International Space Station's (ISS) power unit problem alongside fellow astronaut Akihiko Hoshide.

Sunita Williams during her EVA outside the ISS (Picture credit goes to: Ken Budd)

I feel that sharing inspirational music will compliment the work of these extraordinary people. The xx is a favourite band of mine and they have just released an online stream of their new album 'Coexist' for people to spread throughout the globe. The geographical direction of this sharing is tracked and illustrated on site. This is an interesting use of the bigger picture of Earth, making people feel closer through music and technology.

Enjoy your trip around the globe through the eyes of 'Coexist' by The xx.

- Nikita

P.S Unfortunately the experiment ended but feel free to listen to the album online:

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